Manufacturing includes industrial products, food and beverage, technology products, steel products, and many other manufactured goods. Absolute Testing’s goal is to maximize uptime and minimize unexpected outages. Our Absolute Testing NETA accredited technicians specialize in acceptance testing, commissioning, maintenance testing, troubleshooting, repair installation, equipment modernization, power quality and engineering studies for a wide range of clients in the manufacturing industry.

Our team understands the complex challenges in various manufacturing facilities, and we are here to support your operations with minimal downtime. From preventive and predictive maintenance and testing to power quality and engineering studies we help support your manufacturing facility. 
Whether your manufacturing facility is new, aging, expanding, or experiencing emergency outages; you can be certain that Absolute Testing’s  24/7 service will provide the highest level of technical expertise, safety and warranty-worthy craftsmanship ensuring the facility's power systems function per design. Contact us to learn how we can keep your manufacturing facility running with Absolute Excellence.

What Our Clients are Saying

Powerfully Independent to me means that Absolute can provide optimum service working independently with little supervision and oversight. They are trustworthy and we have no concerns utilizing them.

If you have a question or concern regarding your electrical systems, Absolute has the answer, or they will figure out the answer.

It has been my experience that Absolute places a high value on both trust and unbiased honesty in working with Dan Lopez directly for nearly 15 years.